Week of January 21, 2013

Enriched Seventh Grade:
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Shakespeare The Tempest test and wrap up
Wednesday: Shakespeare wrap-up, intro to Historical fiction book preview
Thursday: Historical Fiction book selection
Friday: Fiction Friday-Historical Fiction

Regular Eighth Grade:
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Fantasy notes on characters, The Fellowship of the Ring connections
Wednesday: Fantasy web quest:  Click here to access the web quest-->FANTASY WEB QUEST
Thursday: HS Registration and Fantasy web quest
Friday: Mini-lesson-Deltora's quest, intro to Fantasy novel choice, book selection, reading time

Enriched Eighth Grade:
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Intro to the Kid Conference, topic brainstorming
Wednesday: Kid Conference topic brainstorming
Thursday: Kid Conference topic brainstorming, HS registration
Friday: Fiction Friday

Link to:

Holocaust Museum 2006
Holocaust Museum 2005

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